"There is no such thing as a second wave, it doesn't occur. It's biologically impossible. Yet, we are all creating what the media and the government are referring to as a second wave by testing... The government and the media have created quite a bit of terror here. And people who are afraid will give the government power that they wouldn't under normal circumstances cede to the government. And what is going on right now is that the government is manufacturing fear and promising at the same time to protect us through their actions. -- 00:14:52
"And so you ask our government officials, what about Sweden? What about Japan? What about Taiwan? What about Vietnam? What about these countries that all did fine and didn't do what we're doing? And they say, what are you trying to do, kill people? ... it's this zero tolerance policy, because our politicians have figured that every death that occurs is going to be blamed on somebody, not the virus, it's going to be blamed on some person. Because this life could have been saved if somebody had done something. That's our whole country. We've been sliding into that for years." -- 00:53:16

Statistician to the Stars! William Briggs joins Mark Rippetoe for a discussion on statistics, government-imposed and media-propagated panic, and the “modelists” influencing government policy.

Mark Rippetoe, (Dr) Stef Bradford, and Dr. Andrew Mueller discuss risk assessment, policy decisions, and the lack of reliable data relating to COVID-19.